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Interject's Diesel Engine Tips

Diesel Engines are a fantastic alternative to petrol and gas based products, earning greater mileage and requiring less maintenance. However, these workhorses of heavy and haulage industry aren't without their quirks - while they do have a longer life, they still need to be taken care of.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Just like any other engine (or pipe), diesel injectors accumulate pollutants. It is another advantage of diesel engines that diesel injectors operate at very high pressures, so pollutant build up is slower, but it does still occur - you just never know when you're going to get a bad batch of fuel.

Diesel Injector Cleaner will remove the pollutants, allowing your diesel injectors to fire in the correct pattern, reducing engine wear and noise. Diesel Injector Cleaner will also allow your diesel to atomise better, giving you better efficiency and performance.

Some diesel engine users worry about where the pollutants go once they have used Diesel Injector Cleaner. Some Diesel Injector Cleaners do only soften the pollutant build up, thus moving it out of the injector and into the fuel filter - and really, the fuel filter is there to catch such things, isn't it! However, high quality Diesel Injector Cleaners can actually break up and dissolve the pollutants so they pass through and out of the engine completely.

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Diesel Bug

Diesel Bug is the bane of Diesel Engines and it is very important to keep your engine free of these bacteria.

There are 27 varieties of diesel bug and they are the most common cause of loss of performance from diesel engines. In rare cases, rather than a bacterial diesel bug, your engine can become affected by a fungal diesel bug.

If you're new to diesel, diesel bug might sound a bit strange but anyone with experience with diesel will tell you how much of a problem they can be. Being an organic fuel, diesel provides water molecules for germination, carbon for food and oxygen or sulpher for respiration.

It can be very difficult to tell when your engine first becomes infected with diesel bug, but once diesel bug gets a foothold, it can be very hard to eliminate, so the best course of action is to use a diesel cleaner or cure on a regular basis. A single cell of diesel bug, in the right environment can grow into a biomass of 10 kilograms in just 12 hours! So, it's best to either catch it early or be on the safe side by using a cure that will kill diesel bug.

There are a few preventative measures you can take to limit your chances of being infected by diesel bug. The most obvious is to ensure you get your diesel from a high quality supplier, but that's not always possible. An easy preventative measure is to keep your tank as full as possible, especially over night. You can also use a fuel system cleaner to drain the water out of your fuel system.

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Radiator flush/Coolant flush

Having a clean and efficient radiator isn't just important for diesel engines. All radiators should be flushed on a regular basis to keep the coolant system clean and clear of rust and other debris.

Radiator/coolant flushing is very important, as an engine that is consistantly running too hot (even if it is not technically overheated) can be doing serious damage to itself, from partial seizing all the way to expensive and dangerous cracking and warping.

Use a quality radiator or coolant flush (such as ours!) to dissolve, break up and clean your cooling system. However, just using a coolant flush isn't enough, once you have added the radiator flush you should run the engine for a while (ten minutes in the garage or a short drive to the shops is optimal, but you can drive it for the day if you have to) and then drain your radiator and refill it with fresh coolant. If you would like further assistance, please contact us!

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