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Industrial Hand Cleaner

At Inter-Ject Qld, we supply a range of products to keep your engines clean and running efficiently. From battery cleaners to lubricants, Inter-Ject Qld has all your engine maintenance needs covered.  We also stock products to help you clean up at the end of a day of working on your engine, like industrial hand cleaner to clean off grease, paint and glue.

We are proud to stock a huge range of Seal-Lock products.  The range includes TMT Lubricant, thread repair kits, seal tabs and also grip retainer seal.  This varied range of reliable products will ensure that your engine stays in tip top shape.  To view all of the products in this range please visit the Seal-Lock page of our website.  

Diesel bug - fuel system cleaner

Did you know that your diesel engine can get sick?  Diesel bug is a real live bacteria that grows in diesel and can clog up your engine.  To keep your engine free from diesel bug, or rectify an infestation, regular maintenance is needed on filters and injectors.  A fuel system cleaner such as ‘Diesel Injector Care and Cure’ is suitable for all diesel engines and will successfully eradicate any bugs. Regular use of a fuel system cleaner will ensure that your engine runs clean and stops smoky emissions.

Tired of squeaky and squealing brakes? The try some CRC Lubricant De-Squeak or CRC Lubricant Disc Brake Quiet. These products work in different ways depending on the brake disc and the desired effect.  The Disc Brake Quite works by reducing vibrations on the disc and absorbing noise, thereby resulting in a quiet smooth braking experience.  If you are not sure which product to use, talk to our friendly team at Inter-Ject Qld today.

Inter-Ject Qld engine oil flush is essential for maintaining your diesel or petrol engine in good working order.  Engine Oil Flush cleans valves and lifters which may have a sticky or gunky residue and provides better oil circulation.  Including this as part of your regular service program will prolong the life of your engine saving you money.

And of course, once you are finished with all the dirty work its time to clean up.  We stock a range of industrial hand cleaner by brand names such as Maxikleen, Permatex and Reinol.  These cleaners remove oil, resins, paint, glue and more.  They also contain other nice things like aloe and lanolin to ensure that your hands stay in good condition.


Professional Solvents & Accessories:  CRC lubricant, coolant flush, diesel injector cleaner, engine oil flush, fuel system cleaner, brake cleaner, radiator flush, seal-lock, battery terminal spray, three bond sealant & industrial hand cleaner

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