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FSC-200 EGR & induction cleaning tool

hand cleaner and coolant flush

Product Number #FSC-200

Price: $550.00 AUD inc GST



FSC-200 is a tool for cleaning both Diesel and Petrol induction systems. Loss of performance in engines due to resin and carbon deposits from emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves will greatly restrict airflow to the engine. The Inter-ject Diesel and Petrol products used in the FSC-200 tool will remove the contamination build-up  within the induction system to restore the vehicles performance and fuel consumption.

On vehicle cleaning using compressed air and administed while engine is running at normal running temperature

Cleans induction system on both diesel and petrol vehicles

Use both 420DSC-A and 420DSC-B when cleaning diesel vehicles

Use 413TB when cleaning petrol vehicles




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